Maths Challenge

Over the next couple of weeks, class 6 will be looking at 2D and 3d shapes and their properties. We started or learning today by working out how many squares, triangles and hexagons we could make with a certain number of lolly sticks. Take a look..

We will have an even greater challenge next week to see if we can build a model of different 3d shapes! Watch this space!

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Great Fire of London

As we draw near to the end of our current history topic, The Great Fire of London, Class 6 have completed their own art work for the topic. We started off by painting our backdrop, then added some tissue paper flames in a range of fiery colours. Finally we used our knowledge of 2d shapes to help us build houses on a city skyline. Take a look and enjoy…





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Finally ready to plant and grow!

Well, class 6 have now investigated the best growing conditions for seeds and bulbs. We learnt that seeds and bulbs can grow without light, but they do not look very green or healthy. We also learnt that they grow best with water and warmth. Now that we know how to look after our seeds and bulbs, we are ready to plant our own and look after them successfully. Be ready for a seed or bulb to be coming home to you soon…

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seeds and bulbs

Having learnt about the difference between seeds and bulbs, class 6 have begun to compare whether seeds and bulbs will both grow in the same conditions. We planted sunflower seeds and narcissus bulbs in four different conditions to establish how they will grow successfully. Class 6 have predicted that seeds and bulbs need water and sunlight to grow, but as scientists, we need to test and find out.

Some seeds and bulbs were given water but no light. Others were given light but no water. Others were given water and light, and finally the ‘control’ was given no light and no water. Which condition do you think they will grow successfully in ? Take a look at the photos of us at work…..


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Science Investigators

What a start to the New Year! Class 6 have already begun their new science topic on plants and decided to kick start their learning by closely observing plants and trees around them. They have even been putting their maths skills to the test by measuring and estimating height and length etc. Soon we will be learning how to successfully plant and grow our own plants. Watch this space….

Meanwhile take a look at what we have been up to.


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science investigation

In class 6 over the last half term we have been looking at different materials; their properties and their suitability for different purposes. In a fun experiment this week, we looked at how we could change and manipulate different objects by bending, twisting, stretching or squashing them. Take a look…

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Decoration Day!

Wow! What a fabulous (but tiring) day we have had. The children in class 6 were particularly excited about parents joining in with the festivities. A huge thank you to all parents who were able to come and help today. The children have made some amazing stained glass Christmas trees which will be hung with pride in the school hall for everyone to see. The children have even had time to make a decoration of their own to take home. Thank you class 6 for all of your hard work today!



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On Thursday last week, Class 6 enjoyed an exciting visit to the wonderdome – an educational ‘space’ experience. We learnt about the Milky Way and planets in our solar system. We even watched a video clip on how astronauts brush their teeth in space. I think there might even be some aspiring astronauts among us!

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Over the last couple of weeks, class 6 have been looking at the story of The Disgusting Sandwich, and have even managed to improve it in their recount, by adding adjectives and creating some expanded noun phrases. Class 6 enjoyed creating their own storyboards to help them structure their recount accurately. Well done!

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